Bent or scratched your car? See how to choose the best bodyshop service

You crashed the car or you hit that side that damaged the paint, crushing or scratching the bodywork. How to choose a workshop that guarantees the best repair service? Poorly done, restoration can damage the look of your car, reduce the resale value and even make it unsafe. Fortunately,with a little research and patience, it is possible to check that the establishment where you intend to leave your car meets satisfactory quality requirements. To get additional details, view here: best scratch repair kit

Initially, you should note what type of service you are looking for or need. A good part of the body shop workshops are prepared to deal with cars with a high level of damage, vehicles that have suffered high impact collisions. They are establishments that have the conditions and the capacity to rebuild a damaged car. They are great options, but there are still those workshops that offer even more specialized services. Some deal only with doors,others are more dedicated to panels or internal noise.

If your car has suffered, for example, minor damage, a small dent or a scratch on the bodywork, there is no need to take a workshop that usually performs major reconstructions. A company that specializes in painting and minor repairs is more likely to guarantee service quality.

If small repairs are what you are looking for, there are items that every good body shop has and you can check before leaving your vehicle in the hands of these professionals.


A painting service, which leaves the repaired area with exactly the same color as the rest of the vehicle, is a strong indicator of the quality of the services of a body shop. Over the years, the sun, rain, dust and the serene cause a slight wear on the paint, causing an almost imperceptible color change. When using a paint specified by your car manufacturer in a small area,this change may be evident. And a poorly done painting can even devalue your car.

There are specialized companies that have equipment called as pectrophotometer. It measures the ideal combination of vehicle pigments, regardless of whether the color is new or older. In this way, the repair of a small scratch will be perfect, leaving the worked area exactly the same as the rest of the bodywork.

Easily kneaded

In many cases, to perform a repair it is necessary to dismantle the vehicle. But today, some body shops develop refined techniques in which it is possible to unmask any area of ​​the body without the need for disassembly, even in armored cars, thus avoiding possible inconveniences caused by a poorly executed reassembly.


Some body shops offer great service, but it can take days to deliver your car ready. In today's rush, despite the need, this is a major inconvenience. Therefore, before sending your car to do a small repair, check the duration of the service. Modern body shops are able to remove scratches and small dents in a matter of hours. Some even make themselves available to go where the vehicle is and, depending on the problem, repair it right there,saving the customer valuable time.

Body shop warranty

Finally, avoid establishments that do not offer any formal type of guarantee. A good body shop confers this benefit for one or even two years. If this is the case for the establishment you are looking for, you can rest assured that you will most likely not be harmed and your car will be in good hands.